Museum Information System Galis/Museums

Museum Information System Galis/Museums

Galis Information System is the most widely used museum documentation program in Slovenia, which is used by more than 60 Slovenian museums and galleries, as well as the first users abroad.

The success of the program is reflected in many satisfied users, and the reasons for success can be attributed to program integrity, regular upgrades, ease of use and, perhaps most importantly, first-class support for users that is available every day.

Additional information

If you need any additional information about Galis and our other services or if you would like us to prepare the offer for your institution, we are available for you on below contacts.

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Help for program users

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Desktop application

Information system for cultural institutions

Comprehensive program for all areas of work: eight interconnected modules

Regular upgrades to the program

First-class user support

Publish data to the Museums system with one click

More than 70 users in four countries

Secure data

Complete security of your data

The ability to make backups of the database and multimedia files

An additional automatic data backup service

Automatic data encryption

Immediate data recovery in case of loss

Web/mobile platform

Simple publish of content

Easily publish data online and on mobile applications

A plugin for publishing collections on its own website

Museum website and museum mobile applications

Fast and affordable


Desktop application Galis

The Galis program consists of eight modules that fully cover the museum's business and are completely interconnected: Collections, Restorer, Mediatheque, Documentation, Pedagogical Activities, Library, Archives and Museums. Each license includes all program modules.

Each module can be used independently, but can be easily linked to other parts of the program. Work is also facilitated by powerful search engine, customizable prints, the ability to make backups, and the ability to publish data to the web and to mobile applications with a single click.

The Galis program is complemented by a series of related services that include a system for automatically backing up data, publishing collections on its own website and a comprehensive presentation on the web and in mobile applications.

To charge all our services, we use a monthly subscription system that delivers a lower and predictable monthly cost and includes maintenance and assistance to users. The price of an individual license depends on the total number of leased licenses, but it also includes repairs and regular upgrades of the program.

Secure data backup with GalisBackup

Galis Backup is an online service that allows automatic and systematic backup of the Galis database and multimedia files to their secure storage in Microsoft data centers and easy data recovery in case of loss. Backups are stored in several physically remote, secure locations and are available to you whenever you need them.

Galis Backup includes regular interval backup of data to a remote location and 1 TB of space on the server. Data is backed up twice a week at a predetermined time. In the event of a loss of data, you will receive your copy immediately after restoring the server.


In 2007, with the opening of the Web Gallery, cultural institutions offered the opportunity to present their work to the general public. In 2010, we transformed the online gallery into, which, as part of the Museums platform, enables museums and galleries to easily publish information online and in mobile applications.

The publication of data is very easy, as you can publish them from the Galis program with one click, and the changes are visible on the web immediately. Those who do not use Galis are designed for our online editor.

All published data are also presented in mobile applications for different devices and platforms, as well as mobile applications adapted for one museum. Through a special interface, published collections can also be displayed on your website, without having to change it.

Publishing data on web and on mobile apps

All the information you publish on the web is visible on the Museums.SI, Museums.EU and web sites, and in related mobile applications. If you are using a plug-in for publishing collections on your website, the collection and object information will also be updated there.

If you opt for our museum website and museum web applications, the data is also automatically displayed there - without the need for additional work.

Plugin for publishing collections on your own website

Through the Galis program, collections Post items online. Published data are displayed on the Museums website and in mobile applications. To enable the simultaneous publication of these collections on your museum's website, we have developed a plug-in that also displays collections published at on your home page.

The plug-in consists of several lines of code that need to be inserted into the desired location on your site. Such a solution can save a lot of work, time and costs - it will avoid the preparation of collections for publication, changes on the website and the development of the service.

The display of collections on a web page can be adapted to the overall image of the website by changing the fonts, colors and image sizes.

Museum website

If you want to completely refresh your website, we can prepare you for the new build so that it is directly integrated into the Galis system. This will save you a lot of work, as you can use everything you've already entered into the program.

The benefits of such a system include your own website design and the direct integration of collections, exhibitions, events and other content that you have already entered and published, thus saving a lot of time. Data editing is done via Galis and the Webmaster Editor Museums. Any information you enter into Galis / Museums and publish it will automatically be visible on your website without any double work in separate systems.

Mobile apps for museums

The Galis / Museums system makes it easy to publish data to mobile applications. All information published in the Museums system can be easily presented on different platforms and devices so that you can now attract new visitors with mobile apps, and at the same time use them to market digital content.

We make mobile apps for smartphones iPhone and Android and iPad tablet.

Applications include display of current exhibitions, events and pedagogical programs, collections and objects, virtual exhibitions, articles and museum information (presentations, contact information, opening hours, entrance fees, location and instructions). The mobile device can also be used as an audio guide.

Additional functionalities are also being developed, including the ability to sell tickets and digital content (photos, publications, ...).